Fork Trucks


The Material Handling Industry is always evolving - and the Fork Trucks and Pallets Trucks of today have some challenging demands to keep up with. The right tire or load wheel compound can make or break an efficient operation. To know what that right compound is, we first look at - What's Your Application?

Whatever the application, we offer a solution backed by decades of scientific research to ensure any material handling equipment is operating to its highest standard. All of Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s product offerings are proudly engineered and produced in the USA on state of the art processing and machining equipment, overseen by quality management systems registered to ISO 9001.

Drive & Steer Tires


Superior Tire & Rubber designed Cushothane® Polyurethane & Rubber tires to meet many critical requirements in Material Handling applications.  Our philosophy is to engineer specific press-on tire compounds that target standard capabilities, such as high traction, better braking performance and higher wear resistance. For AC-powered trucks, our tires can reduce battery consumption through low rolling resistance. For high-reach tall mast order pickers, we can increase stability in high-duty, large warehouse operations and distribution centers. We also have forklift tires that can operate in refrigerated, freezing and even flash-freeze temperatures, wet conditions, and rough, uneven floors.

Load Wheels


With our industry leading Cushothane® Family of Polyurethane load wheel compounds, there's a solution for every application. All of our Cushothane® Polyurethane compounds are industrial strength and manufactured in the USA. Unlike most competitors that use the same elastomer compound for load wheels and press-on tires, Superior Tire and Rubber selectively engineers specific compounds for load wheels to maximize load wheel performance and avoiding the material compromise of other manufacturers. Over half a century of chemistry & engineering has gone into perfecting our 3 Cushothane® compounds for load wheels to make sure we're always ahead of the curve with MH equipment technology and operations. Keeping the options simple, yet extremely capable allows our customers to get the best performance at the lowest cost. 



Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. manufacturers and designs a wide variety of both rigid and stabilizing casters for Class-II and Class-III equipment. The primary objectives are durability, consistency, fit & function, and maybe most importantly, adjustability. As drive wheels wear down, stabilizing casters on electric pallet trucks need adjusted accordingly to maintain traction at the drive tire - making this adjustment a few minute process while the truck is on the ground can provide significant cost & time savings. All of our casters go through extensive durability testing and are designed to eliminate possible weak points. They also feature a patented polyurethane dampener in place of metal springs for better & more consistent performance.