AgriTraxx®, Midrollers, Idlers & Drive Wheels

  • No Bond Separation Guaranteed -Proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent debonding.
  • Longest Wear-life - Polyurethane compound engineered to generates less heat, reduces chunking, and provides the highest cut & tear resistance.
  • Resist the Elements - Unlike rubber, AgriTraxx® Midrollers polyurethane is resistant to Oils, UV, Weak Acids, Diesel Fuel, Moisture and more.
  • Extend Rubber Track Life - Lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration, however, polyurethane will not capture debris and or score the track.

Rubber vs. Poly Midrollers: Keep Field Work on Track with the Right Midrollers

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Our AgriTraxx®, midrollers, idlers & drive undercarriage wheels are a cost-saving solution for extending rubber track life in Rubber Tracked Tractors. AgriTraxx® Midrollers hold up in the most extreme operating conditions and provide the longest work-life, significantly reducing downtime.


Worn, old, or failed midrollers, idlers, and drive wheels can be sent in for retreading with our high-performance polyurethane compound. It provides up to 4 times more wheel wear-life than most original equipment manufacturer replacements. New AgriTraxx® midrollers, idlers, and drive wheels are available for immediate shipment.

Site Proven Performance:

Tested on the same tractor, pulling dual pan scrapers.

AgriTraxx® Midrollers

  • After 3,000 hours of pan scraping - like new with no track damage.

Rubber Midrollers

  • After only 347 hours of pan scraping - visible damage and uneven wear. Wheels have to be replaced to prevent further track damage.

AgriTraxx® Midrollers

  • Thermal image showing polyurethane's highest temperature at 117.0º F, this low temperature extends both to rubber track and wheel wear-life.

Rubber Midrollers

  • Thermal image recorded in the same usage interval as in AgriTraxx® Midrollers indicating rubbers highest temperature at 161.1º F.

Available for Most Tracked Equipment:


OEM Part # 1R-1241, 502932D1

MT800 Challenger Wide midroller (Stamped steel.)

Bolt-on style.

Bolt quantity: 8, Width: 8.5”, Diameter: 14”


OEM Part # RE165014

John Deere 8000T Series Row Crop Tractor.

Hub/Bearing style.

Width: 5”, Diameter: 14.5”


OEM Part #RE266293

John Deere 8RT Series Row Crop Tractor.

Bolt-on style.

Bolt Quantity: 8, Width: 5.5”, Diameter: 17”


OEM Part #84162383

CASE IH Quadtrac

Hub/ Bearing style (3 step)

Width: 10.5”, Diameter: 13.5”


OEM Part #87746541

CASE IH Quadtrac (Lip in bore)

Hub/Bearing style

Width: 10.5”, Diameter: 13.5”


OEM Part #47487681

CASE IH Quadtrac (2 step)

Hub/ Bearing style

Width: 10.5”, Diameter: 13.5”


OEM Part #47528102 / 47827306

CASE IH Rowtrac Narrow Midroller

Hub/Bearing Style

Width: 4.5”, Diameter: 13.5”

No Bond Separation Guarantee:

  • Agricultural and construction applications that require continuous operation handling heavy loads, high speeds, and the towing of heavy implements such as pan scrapers. AgriTraxx® Midrollers hold up in the most extreme operating conditions and provide the longest work-life, significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.

  • AgriTraxx® Midrollers Polyurethane compounded wheels are backed by the industry’s only No Bond Separation Guarantee*, further reassuring the extreme performance claim in AgriTraxx® Midrollers

*Refer to Warranty Tab and or Terms and Conditions

Wheel Remanufacturing Service and Process:

Significantly reduce the cost of replacing mid-rollers & idlers by having old/worn wheels remanufactured with our high performance polyurethane compound.

First, give Superior Tire and Rubber Corp a call to make arrangements to have you worn midrollers sent in for reconditioning....

Why Standard OEM wheels fail...

  • Low cut & tear properties of the rubber Heavy Loads, long runs and high speeds cause excessive heat build-up that breaks the compound and the steel hub.
  • Track misalignment.
  • Poor quality rubber and bonding.

...From there, wheels will be stripped of existing rubber and the rims will be cleaned and prepared for retreading...

Save time AND money?

  • Our Site-Proven AgriTraxx® Midrollers will save you more than 50% compared to buying new replacements.
  • AgriTraxx® Midrollers will also outlast new replacement wheels up to 4 times longer!

...After that, the cleaned rims are then retreaded with our AgriTraxx Polyurethane and are shipped back to you for instillation; in as little as three weeks!

Why Superior Tire & Rubber AgriTraxx® Midrollers last longer...

  • Our Polyurethane is engineered to provide maximum cut & tear strength.
  • A low coefficient of friction from the polyurethane eliminates heat build-up and bond failure.
  • Our polyurethane is also U.V. stable & resistant to diesel fuels and other harmful solvents.

Wheel Remanufacturing Service and Process:

Offering the highest price for your old & worn midrollers, idlers, and drive wheels.

We'll supply thr paperwork, arrange the pickup, and if needed we will also supply pallets.


For more information call or email Jerrod Ossa at 1.814.723.2370 ext.233

AgriTraxx® Undercarriage Wheel

"3,000 Hour Guarantee"


For all 3,000 Hour Work-Life Guarantee claims, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will conduct a full examination of the product. The 3,000 hour limit applies only to product being used in a reasonable application. If Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s examination shows that an AgriTraxx® undercarriage wheel has failed under the terms of this policy, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will repair, replace, or make a reasonable allowance on the purchase of a new product based on the estimated wear-life remaining at Superior Tire & Rubber Corp’s sole discretion. Cost of service, transportation, and sales tax will be the responsibility of the claimant. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will not warrant AgriTraxx® undercarriage mid-rollers, idlers, or drive wheels that show normal material wear defined as material chunking, chipping, or tearing that does not prevent the function of the product. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. does not warrant product that is subjected to misapplication, misuse, neglect, alteration, or damage and are hereby not responsible for personal injury, equipment damage, or property damage associated with misuse of normal operating procedures.


Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. warrants that our AgriTraxx® Mid-rollers, Idlers & Drive Wheels will offer a minimum of 3000 hours without bond separation or material failure that results in a loss of work-life. Registration must be completed online at by clicking the "3,000 Hour Guarantee Registration" button located above "TERMS OF WARRANTY". Registration must be completed within 30 days of purchase. Without proper product registration, within the 30 day time period, the 3000 hour warranty is void and normal warranty limits apply. Normal warranty limits are defined under Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s standard warranty terms and conditions.

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