The ultimate tire and wheel solution for every agricultural application.

Agriculture Components

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has developed breakthrough technology for rubber tracked tractor wheels to increase work-life to unthinkable lengths. With advanced bonding and compound chemistry, our AgriTraxx® Midrollers polyurethane far exceeds OE wheel work-life and reduces damage to the expensive rubber tracks. Our wheel Remanufacturing/Reconditioning service has also added a significant benefit to Rubber Tracked tractor owners who have a “soft-spot” for recycling worn wheels… and saving money in the process.

AgriTraxx® Midrollers, Idlers & Drive Wheels

The current practice in agricultural rubber tracked equipment is to operate the machine at the highest speed possible to maximize productivity - that includes "roading" the equipment between fields. Unfortunately, with the century-old technology in typical midroller and undercarriage wheels, this practice came with an expense of wheel failures, more downtime, and track damages. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp’s AgriTraxx® Midrollers for agriculture rubber tracked tractors are the newest technology innovated from comprehensive research and finite element analysis. In short, we developed a unique polyurethane compound and bonding process that not only easily handles the abuse, it's guaranteed to do it for 3,000 hours. A proven new technology that provides a substantial improvement in work-life in both wheel and track – accepted and heralded by serious agriculture professionals.