The Universal Fit Track Pad

  • Easy Installation & Removal - Requires no track modification on triple bar grouser shoes; available in 12”- 40” lengths.
  • Eliminate Pad Loosening - ACS™ mechanism forces the dual clamps to continuously tighten, virtually eliminating track pad loosening and failure due to mechanical breakdown.
  • In Stock, Ready for Immediate Shipping - With Instant Response Program.
  • Available In Both Rubber and Polyurethane for All Applications - With perfectly matched specifications.

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CUSHOTRAC® Clamp[On]™, available in rubber or polyurethane, is the fastest solution for surface protection. Use these track pads when surface protection is required or recommended on construction, demolition, crane operations, waste transfer, drilling sites, and trenchers. They have a universal fit that eliminates track modification and drilling holes. Installation is fast, taking only 2-4 hours for a complete set.

Our EXPRESS™ Track Pads Program allows us to Guarantee orders of CUSHOTRAC® Clamp[ON]™ track pads will ship in 72Hrs or less, or we pay the freight! Some of the makes & models our CUSHOTRAC® Clamp[ON]™ pads are available for:

Excavator Models: CX80 | CX130 | CX145 | CX160 | CX210

Excavator Models: 308E | 311| 312 | 314 | 315 | 320 | 323 | 325

Excavator Models: 85G | 130G | 135G | 160G | 245G | 250G | 350G

Excavator Models: PC78 | PC88 | PC128 | PC138 | PC170 | PC228 | PC238 | PC240

Also available for ABG®, Buckner®, Demag®, Doosan®, FUWA®, Hitachi®, Hyundai®, IHI®,  JCB®, Kobelco®, Liebherr®,  Sarilar®, Sumitomo®, Takeuchi®, Terex®, Uchimiya®, Volvo®, and more.

Please contact Superior Tire and Rubber Corp for further detail.

How to Install CUSHOTRAC® Clamp[ON]™ Pads

Step 1.

Completely remove both clamps from the pad. Lay the pad onto the steel shoe ensuring that the coupling nuts sit down in the valleys of the triple bar grouser shoe.

Step 2.

Attach the removed clips back onto the pad by hand tightening.

Step 3.

Ensure that the CUSHOTRAC® Clamp[On]™ pad is centered horizontally onto the steel shoe. There should be an even gap on both sides between the pad and the clamp. Steel to steel contact between the clips and the steel grouser shoe is required.

Step 4.

Using a torque wrench, alternate tightening each bolt to 25-35ft lbs to ensure pad stays centered on the grouser shoe.

Other CUSHOTRAC® Options

For if the CLAMP ON isnt quite right



CUSHOTRAC® ReDDiGrip™ track pads are an American Made rubber roadliner style pad available in 450-500mm lengths.


All purpose, super durable polyurethane Bolt On Track Pad for excavators up to 80,000lbs.


Made for heavy duty applications for all style grousers. Available in 6"- 40" lengths for crawler cranes, drill rigs, & cable layers.


Available for any steel tracked machine with up to 48" steel shoes.

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