AgriTraxx® AirCore™

Hollow Polyurethane Gauge Tires

  • Longer, Extended Work-Life - Engineered with the highest puncture resistance to easily resist damage from corn stalks, soybeen stubble, and more.
  • Flexes to Shed Mud - Polyurethane has an inherently not stick surface, matched with flexibility that flings off any sticky mud.
  • Keeps Your Planter/Drill Running Smooth - pliable enough to absorb variations in the soil, acting as an additional shock absorber.
  • Guaranteed for 3 Years* -  We guarantee the wear-life of the OD (overall diameter) and the lip. Registration is required.


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AgriTraxx® AirCore™ Wins 2021 R&D 100 Award

For No-till farming to be as efficient as possible, the equipment needs to be as precise as possible. Precision starts from the ground up and your gauge tires need to handle very aggressive terrain while being soft enough to not compact the soil. We made the solution - get the wear-life of polyurethane with the ground pressure of an air-filled rubber tire. The AgriTraxx® AirCore™ is the key to high yield No-till farming.

Resilient for All Soil Conditions

No-till fields can be rough on tires. Vegitation stalks and jagged rocks can make for a bumpy ride for your seeder/drill. AgriTraxx® AirCore™ acts like an additional shock absorber, conforming to debris & helping to maintain consistent seed depth. This also prevents the gauge tire from compacting the soil and promotes seed development.

Universal Fit

2 Offset configurations to fit all split rim types. This includes the 7/8" offset and 3/8" offset.

Currently, the AgriTraxx® AirCore™ is only available for 4.5" gauge wheel setups.

AgriTraxx® AirCore™

"3 Year Guarantee"


Superior Tire & Rubber Corp’s 3 Year Wear-Life Guarantee on the AgriTraxx® AirCore™ Polyurethane Gauge Tires is specific to the wear-life of the OD (overall diameter) and “lip” of the tire only.

For all 3 Year Warranty claims, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will conduct a full examination of the gauge tire(s) being claimed. OD wear as defined by abrasive wear through the surface of the tire, not including punctures from sharp objects or slices from impacting objects. Lip wear as defined by 7/32” of maximum wear from the face of the lip that contacts the disk from original. If Superior Tire & Rubber Corp’s examination shows that a AgriTraxx® AirCore™ tire has worn beyond the terms of this policy, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will replace or make a reasonable allowance on the purchase of a new gauge tire. Cost of service, transportation, and sales tax will be the responsibility of the claimant. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. will not warrant AgriTraxx® AirCore™ gauge tires that are subjected to misapplication, misuse, neglect, or alteration that results in premature wear, chunking, chipping, or tearing and are hereby not responsible for personal injury, equipment damage, or property damage associated with misuse of normal operating procedures.

TERMS OF WARRANTY REGISTRATION: (Call to Register - 800.289.1456 x102)

To make a claim, product registration must have been submitted within 30 days of the receipt of the product. Without proper product registration, within the 30 day time period, the 3 Year Warranty is void and normal warranty limits apply. Normal warranty limits are defined under Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s “1 Year Full Manufacturer’s Guarantee”.

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