OEM Solutions

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing Perfection


The benefits of partnering with Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. to manufacture your OEM parts are virtually unlimited. When people order OEM parts, they expect a certain level of consistency. An OE supplier needs to be able to provide products that look, act and perform the same way - every time. Superior Tire has decades of experience as an OEM parts manufacturer, so we know just what companies look for when it comes to OEM rubber or polyurethane parts.

Since 1964, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has been providing businesses worldwide with the elastomeric solutions. It’s our mission to be the vendor of choice by delivering the capabilities to produce components you need in one convenient place, on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards possible. You not only benefit from an OEM parts manufacturer with broad capabilities, but also from the ongoing support of our dedicated team of highly trained professionals.

By working solely with Superior Tire, you cut out all the logistical nightmares that can plague other OEM supplier arrangements. If you have a question or issue, or you want to make a change in your parts manufacture, you don’t need to explain everything about your operation all over again to multiple suppliers. Our team already knows your parts, your equipment and your needs and can make adjustments seamlessly. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing our team and knowing that you can always talk to us about the status of your projects. Our Quality Management Systems are registered to ISO 9001:2015, so you can rest assured knowing that you are always getting parts made to the highest standards.


Superior Tire has the knowledge and experience to manufacture OEM parts across a variety of industries and applications, including:

Material Handling – Tires, Wheels, Casters, and Assemblies.

Construction – Track Pads, Tire & Wheel Assemblies, Hopper Flashing, Scraper Blades, Cradle Rollers, Conveyor Rollers and more

Agriculture – Mid-rollers, Idler & Drive Wheels and Gauge Wheels

Municipal – Street Sweeper Wear Parts and Snow Plow Wear Parts

Floor Maintenance – Tire & Wheel Assemblies

Fiberglass Manufacturing – Blade Rolls and Chopper Cots

Industrial – High Capacity, Trommel, and AGV Tire & Wheel Assemblies


Being based in the USA makes having a reliable source of elastomeric parts manufacturing an operational advantage in many industries. Whether you produce Material Handling Trucks, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Floor Maintenance Scrubbers, or any application requiring a unique polyurethane or rubber compound - we specialize in taking your designs and turning them into reality. Every project we take on as an OEM polyurethane/rubber manufacturer receives the highest priority and attention to detail.

Superior Tire’s 5 building campus is comprised of 2 production plants, distribution center, mold and prototype manufacturing facility, and our Technology / Administrative Center. Our manufacturing philosophy is based on Lean and 5-S principles with state of the art production equipment that includes:

  • 31 CNC machining centers
  • 7 computerized mixing and pouring lines for polyurethane molding
  • 3 Automated rubber transfer molding lines with 6 presses each and 12 rubber compression presses
  • 4 Metal to rubber bonding stations
  • Our OEM manufacturing department is wireless, making uploading your designs to our machines nearly instantaneous.


The ability to outsource parts manufacturing and fabrication services helps businesses reduce overhead and increase productivity. We’ll help you keep the supply chain moving as an OEM equipment manufacturer with comprehensive capabilities. You get the benefit of the most up-to-date manufacturing methods and technologies, along with decreased expenses relating to storing and distributing inventory.

We deliver custom OEM manufacturing solutions capable of quickly moving projects from initial prototyping to full-scale repetitive parts production. No matter the size of the order or the complexity of the specifications, we’re uniquely equipped to meet fast lead times and stringent quality standards. From auto-CAD detailing and 3D modeling to prototyping/testing and final assembly, we bring a commitment to excellence of a leading OEM manufacturer.