• Minimizes Downtime & Maintenance Schedule - No more replacing drive wheels from worn or broken drive bars.Asphalt trapping between drive wheel and rubber track issue can be eliminated with a simple adjustment.
  • Provides Maximum Work-Life - Eliminates impact force between drive bar and track lug found in positive cog drives, extending rubber track work-life by up to 2 times and providing smooth operation.
  • Resist all the Elements - Proprietary long lasting rubber compound is resistant to UV light and oils in paving applications.
  • Reduce Replacement Costs - New Design that allows the use of a rubber track with smaller lug reinforcement - costing up to 50% less per track.
  • AION™ Friction Drive Wheels Designed for Blaw-Knox®* PF-4410 & PF-5510 - No drive bars means no track lug damage; smooth operation can extend rubber track wear-life by up to 2 times.
  • Resist All the Elements - Proprietary long lasting rubber compound is resistant to UV light and oils in paving applications.
  • Reduce Replacement Costs - New design that allows the use of a rubber track with smaller guide lug reinforcement - costing up to 50% less per track.

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Our AION™, midrollers, idlers & drive wheels undercarriage wheels are a cost-saving solution for extending rubber track life in Rubber Tracked Tractors. AION™ Midrollers hold up in the most extreme operating conditions and provide the longest work-life, significantly reducing downtime.

Friction Drive vs Positive Cog Drive:

Positive Cog Drive: creates stress points on only the engaging & disengaging track lugs - causing failure & 'bouncy' operation.

Friction Drive: allows track to dissipate stress to over 50% of the wheel surface area - also, with no drive bars, track lugs stay damage free; increasing track life.

Aailable Blaw-Knox Kits and Components:

Complete Undercarriage

  • 2 AION™ Friction Drive Wheels
  • 2 Rubber Tracks
  • 24 AION™ Bogie Wheels
  • 4 AION™ Idler Wheels

Maintenance Package

  • 2 AION™ Friction Drive Wheels
  • 2 Rubber Tracks
  • 6 or more AION™ Replacement Bogies

Blaw Knox PF-4410

  • Polyurethane Bogie Wheel OEM Part# 05044-160-00
  • Polyurethane Idler Wheel OEM Part# 04787-295-00
  • Rubber Friction Drive Wheel OEM Part# (N/A)

Blaw Knox PF-5510

  • Polyurethane Bogie Wheel OEM Part# 05044-156-00
  • Polyurethane Idler Wheel OEM Part# 05044-157-00
  • Rubber Friction Drive Wheel OEM Part# (N/A)

*All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer. BLAW-KNOX is a trademark of AB Volvo. BRIDGESTONE® is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Corporation.

Simple and Quick Installations:

Detailed Step by Step instructions are included with each order.

1. Separate the Friction Drive into 2 halves. No modification to existing planetary is required.

2. Install inner half, and mount the track, then the outer half.

3. Use same lug nuts from the positive cog drive wheel.

Continuous Rubber Tracks Available:

High quality Bridgestone® rubber tracks, designed specifically for the Xtreme Wheels Friction Drive System are available to give you the maximum number of hours, at lowest cost per track.

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