Cushothane® XL™


  • Heaviest Load & Duty Cycle - from legendary American polyurethane technology and revolutionary XL3™ bonding technology.
  • Defies the Worst Surface Conditions - from the toughest polyurethane compound with the highest cut & tear resistance.
  • Higher Traction Compound - perfectly balanced hardness allows for better braking performance and traction even on dirty floors. 

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The Cushothane® XL™ press-on, mold-on and press-fit tires for forklifts and pallet jacks will handle indoor heavy cargo loads and demanding duty cycles. They will withstand rough indoor floor conditions to cut down on wheel replacement cycles and downtime due to higher wear resistance.

The Heavy Load Specialist:

Compound Features:

  • 93A Durometer.
  • Higher Traction Compound.
  • Shorter Braking Distance.
  • Highest Cut & Tear Resistance.


  • Commonly used in Class-III trucks that are subjected to maximum load ratings for prolonged periods of time. 
  • Highly effective in rough floors typically covered in dust such as forges, fabrication manufacturing, and raw material warehousing.

Primary OEM and Part #

Dimensions | Superior Item #

Crown® - 121501

13 x 5.5 x 9.5 TSW | PA1300550955

Primary OEM and Part #

Dimensions | Superior Item #

HYG® - 150016048

8 x 4 x 6.25 MF | PA0800400636

HYG® - 150016347

10 x 6 x 6.25 SF | PA1000600631

HYG® - 582082307

12 x 4.5 x 8 TSW | PA1200450805

HYG® - 1708547

12 x 5.5 x 8 TSW | PA1200550805

Primary OEM and Part #

Dimensions | Superior Item #

Raymond® - 632-090

10 x 5 x 6.5 TSW | PA1000500655

Raymond® - 632-131

13.5 x 6 x 10.5 TSW | PA1350601055

Assembly Options:


Cushothane® XL™ compound is molded directly to the mountable hub, providing the quickest and easiest way to install. Hub cannot be reused once the tire wears out.


Cushothane® XL™ is molded to a press-on rim, which is then factory pressed onto a hub and sold as a single piece. This option has the benefit of quick and easy installation and allows for the hub to be reused when the tire wears out.

Tire Profile and Tread Style Options:

Smooth Crown (SC)

Pros - Best maneuverability and easiest steering

Cons - Lower stability and carrying capacity

Tapered Side Wall (TSW)

Pros - Best carrying capacity, with excellent stability, manuverability, and steering ease

Cons - No known limitations

Straight Side Wall (SSW)

Pros - Highest traction & stability from more ground contact. Typically used in Ultra-Large OD tires.

Cons - Reduced maneuverability and load capacity

Smooth Flat (SF)

Pros - Reinforcement band protects against undercutting caused from uneven loading or overloading

Cons - Slightly lower traction and stability

Tapered Side Wall (TSW)

Pros - Best carrying capacity, with excellent stability, manuverability, and steering ease

Cons - No known limitations

Center Groove (CG)

Allows for heat dissapation, reducing risk of meltdown in long runs applications. 

Also available in double center-groove (2CG) & triple center-groove (3CG)

X-Groove (XG)

Reduces hydroplaning in standing water and improves traction on wet floors.

Also available in double X-Groove (2XG)

X-Groove with Center Groove (XG With CG)

Reduces hydroplaning, side slippage, and improves traction on wet floors.

Suitable for medium to high standing water.

Diagonal Groove (DG)

Highest water dissapation, the most effective for wet floor conditions.

Suitable for high standing water. Provides smoother ride than X-Groove.


Ultra-fine diagonal cuts in the tread surface - best option for damp or icy floor conditions. 

Can be combined with other grooving options.

DISCLAIMER: All "Tread Styles" that involve the cutting or the removal of surface material will weaken the tire and increase the likelihood of "chunking". Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. recommends avoiding the use of these types of tread styles unless to solve a specific problem in your application.

Site Proven, Customer Preferred

“I was experiencing repeat bond failures at one of my customers - a large food distribution center. I had tried many different products and found nothing would meet my customer’s work-life expectations. Superior Tire took the time to meet with my customer and identify a solution - the Cushothane® XL™ compound. Since using the Cushothane® XL™, my customer has been extremely happy. They no longer have to spend extra time and money on maintenance and new wheels from premature bond failures. They were so impressed with the work-life that I have now made this the “compound of choice” at other customer locations. With the Cushothane® XL™, I know that my customers are guaranteed to have no bond failures."

-Tommy Bush - TruPar

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