As a vendor of choice, we provide technical excellence to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Founded in 1964, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of polyurethane and rubber industrial components for the material handling, construction, agricultural, municipal, and mining industries. All Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s product offerings are proudly engineered and produced in the USA on state of the art processing and machining equipment, overseen by quality management systems registered to ISO 9001. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. also owns multiple patents on many innovative products that have become new industry standards.


Technical Excellence & Design Service

With comprehensive experience gained for over a half century, we provide:

  • In-depth knowledge and extensive inventory of elastomer choices allowing for application specific solutions
  • In-house design, technical modeling and design support services
  • Linear, non-linear mechanical and thermal analysis using FEA and proprietary software tools
  • Complete casting library for all industrial drive manufacturers

Engineering Support Services

As we passionately work with our customers, we provide:

  • Field support and problem solving
  • Field or lab support with multiple analytical tools, including infrared thermal analysis equipment
  • In-depth knowledge and product selection recommendations for every application

Testing Facility

We have extensive capabilities for compound analysis and development, static ASTM testing capability calibrated to national standards, dimensional inspection, and dynamic testing for complete functionality assessment. A partial list of equipment includes:

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  • Mooney rheometer
  • Alpha Technologies ATD1000 rheometer
  • 2 Instrons
  • Complete wet chemical lab
  • Brown & Sharpe CMM
  • FLIR infrared camera systems
  • 3 Dynamometers
  • DIN Abrasion Tester
  • Caster dynamic testing equipment
  • Tire traction test equipment

Production Facilities

We proudly produce our products in a state of the art campus in Warren, PA, USA

  • 5 Buildings comprised of 2 production plants, a distribution center, a mold and prototype manufacturing facility and our Technical / Administrative center
  • Quality management systems registered to ISO 9001:2015
  • Manufacturing philosophy based Lean and 5-S principles
  • In-house mold design and manufacturing capability for fast prototyping
  • More than 31 CNC machining centers
  • 7 Computerized mixing and pouring lines for polyurethane molding
  • 3 Automated rubber transfer molding lines with 6 presses each and 12 rubber compression presses
  • 4 Metal to rubber bonding stations

Patents & Innovations

Patents & Innovations

As a result of our quest to provide our customers with a competitive advantage, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has many patents and patents pending in the areas of:

  • Stabilizer Casters
  • Street Sweeper Wear Parts
  • Agricultural Tires
  • Industrial Tires
  • Track Pads
  • Paver Wear Parts