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Superior Tire is a leading designer and manufacturer of some of the most advanced polyurethane compounds in the world. For Automated Guided Vehicles, we offer a wide variety of solutions to optimize performance in everything from tuggers to mobile robotic equipment used in hazardous applications. As polyurethane is non-marking, more durable and offers a wider range of beneficial properties than rubber, it's chemical properties can be altered to fit any application. 


Automated technologies require tight tolerances for consistent performance. Vibrations or instability in a tire's surface finish can lead to errors in systems. With dedicated tooling to allow for extremely tight tolerances in machining and TIR (Total Indicated Runout) of less than 0.005", our SuperSmooth™ surface finish creates an almost perfectly round tire - no wobbles, no vibrations, and maximum stability. 


Our patented caster designs offer the most consistent performance with the easiest adjustment capabilities built in.

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Common Applications:

Application Rating

Typical Applications

Common Requirements

Light Duty

  • Medical Industry
  • Light Warehousing
  • Cold / Refrigerated Goods
  • Light duty Tugs
  • Quiet running (non-squeeking) and reduced vibration
  • Light-weight & reduced ground pressure to prevent damage to tiles or fragile floor surfaces
  • Non-marking to maintain clean floor appearance

Medium Duty

  • Large Scale Warehousing
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • AutomatedFulfillment
  • Continuous operation
  • Medium to heavy loading (up to 8,000lbs)
  • Long travel, high speeds
  • Possible light floor debris

Heavy Duty

  • Heavy Transport Carts
  • Extreme Environmental Conditions
  • Tough Industrial Manufacturing
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heavy loads greater than 8,000lbs
  • Rough floor/ground conditions

Full Design & Production Capabilities:

Superior Tire employs a large staff of engineers with specialized skillsets in metallurgy and elastomers that work closely with our customers to create cost effective solutions to meet any application requirements big or small.

  • Our teams offer onsite field support with multiple analytical tools including infrared thermal imaging to diagnose and understand applications from the ground up. 
  • Indepth knowledge and extensive inventory of elastomers as well as core materials such as Nylon, Cast Iron, Forged Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. 
  • In-house design, technical modeling and design support services with the use of linear/non-linear mechanical & thermal analysis using Algor FEA and custom software tools.
  • In-house mold design and manufacturing built on Toyota Production Systems and Lean Manufacturing principles.
  • More than 20 CNC machining centers as well as state-of-the-art computerized mixing and pouring equipment for polyurethane molding.


Smooth Crown (SC)

Pros - Best maneuverability and easiest steering

Cons - Lower stability and carrying capacity

Tapered Side Wall (TSW)

Pros - Best carrying capacity, with excellent stability, manuverability, and steering ease

Cons - No known limitations

Straight Side Wall (SSW)

Pros - Highest traction & stability from more ground contact. Typically used in Ultra-Large OD tires.

Cons - Reduced maneuverability and load capacity

Smooth Flat (SF)

Pros - Reinforcement band protects against undercutting caused from uneven loading or overloading

Cons - Slightly lower traction and stability

Tapered Side Wall (TSW)

Pros - Best carrying capacity, with excellent stability, manuverability, and steering ease

Cons - No known limitations

Center Groove (CG)

Allows for heat dissapation, reducing risk of meltdown in long runs applications. 

Also available in double center-groove (2CG) & triple center-groove (3CG)

X-Groove (XG)

Reduces hydroplaning in standing water and improves traction on wet floors.

Also available in double X-Groove (2XG)

X-Groove with Center Groove (XG With CG)

Reduces hydroplaning, side slippage, and improves traction on wet floors.

Suitable for medium to high standing water.

Diagonal Groove (DG)

Highest water dissapation, the most effective for wet floor conditions.

Suitable for high standing water. Provides smoother ride than X-Groove.

Ground Surface (GS)

Better traction especially under damp conditions.

Typically used in floor maintenance equipment. Can be combined with other grooving options.

SuperSiped™  (SS)

Ultra-fine diagonal cuts in the tread surface - best option for damp or icy floor conditions. 

Can be combined with other grooving options.

DISCLAIMER: All "Tread Styles" that involve the cutting or the removal of surface material will weaken the tire and increase the likelihood of "chunking". Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. recommends avoiding the use of these types of tread styles unless to solve a specific problem in your application.

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