• High Flexibility - Will not bend or break with impact damage reduction on road surfaces and trucks, even at -35o F.
  • Extended Work-life - Proven to outlast rubber by up to 10 times, and steel by up to 3 times; lowering maintenance costs, increasing productivity and profits.
  • Non-Damaging to Surfaces - Unlike steel edges, Polar Edge™ products will not damage road surfaces or other obstacles.
  • Less Equipment Wear and Operator Fatigue - Due to the higher vibration absorption property of  Polyurethane.


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Polar Edge™ Cutting Edges for snow plow trucks created with proprietary high-performance polyurethane compounds retain their original shape after an impact. These snow plow edges also reduce costly repairs to obstacles that can happen when plowing road surfaces such as runway lights, brick or cobblestone streets, stamped concrete or asphalt, paver stone surfaces, parking lots, curbs, speed bumps, and maintenance hole covers. Polar Edge™ products are made in the USA under quality management systems registered to ISO9001. 

Bennefits of Polyurethane Over Rubber Cutting Edges:

Reduce Costly Repairs to Obstacles and Road Surfaces Such as:

  • Runway Lights.
  • Brick or Cobblestone Streets.
  • Stamped Concrete or Asphalt.
  • Paver Stone Surfaces.
  • Parking Lots, Curbs or Speed Bumps.
  • Manhole Covers.

Site Prove, Customer Preferred

“I bought a couple of edges a few years ago. Best edge I have run. Incredible wear, quiet and excellent scraping ability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

- John, Contractor from New England Region

“I would highly recommend the Polar Edge™ brand Polyurethane edge. I have used more of the competitor edges but had issues with delivery times and consistent quality. Polar Edge™ has been excellent on all counts.

- Mark, Contractor from MI

“I’ve had good experiences with my Polar Edges. They last much longer than steel and are more forgiving when hitting hidden obstacles. I’ve gotten 15 times the wear over steel. Sounds impossible but I’ve documented it!”

-Steve, Contractor in CT