• Lower replacement Cost.
  • Impact Damage Resistance.
  • Highest Abrasion Resistance.
  • Longest Wear Life.
  • Increased Performance & Efficiency.
  • Half a Century of Industry Experience and Success.
  • Available to fit 10' and 12" tubes


Download the SWEEPERTHANE™ Literature

Download the SWEEPERTHANE™ Transition Sleeve Literature


Superior Tire and Rubber Corp.’s SWEEPERTHANE™ Transition Sleeves for Street Sweepers utilizes polyurethane with high strength and high rebound to allow debris to bounce off instead of directly impacting the steel tube system. In addition to this, the slim design and smooth surface to the polyurethane sleeve provides better air flow and offers minimal drag in total air flow cross section. All of these features are going to help to lengthen your street sweeper's life, and have the option for the sleeves being attached to each other to add length for use in hooper tubes. SWEEPERTHANE™ Transition Sleeves are available in 10” and 12” tubes.


  • Change the Sleeve Not the Tube - 10 times more abrasion resistant than most steel transition tubes, reducing both downtime and cost required to replace or repair the expensive transition tube.

  • Sizes - Available to fit 10” and 12” tubes. Sleeves can be attached together to add length for use in hopper tubes.

  • US Patent# 7798177

Easy Installation:

First, slide the sleeve into the existing steel transition tube. It’s important that the ring sits on top, as seen in the second image.



How it should look.


Finally, add silicon caulking to the bottom of the transition sleeve to limit water and debris from getting behind the sleeve.



More Views.


In case of hopper tube application, SWEEPERTHANE Transition Steeves are designed with a look ability feature that allows individual rubes to be extended and cut to fit every tube length requirement.


"2,000 Hour" Work-Life Warranty

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions apply only to SWEEPERTHANETM Transition Sleeves (“Goods”) sold by Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. (“Seller”), except as otherwise specifically provided in a document signed by Seller. This sale and any sale resulting herefrom consists of only these terms and conditions and those in other documents referenced here in or attached hereto or in a document subsequently signed by Seller and referencing this transaction (all of which constitute the “Agreement”).

1. Express Warranties.
     A. An accurately completed Product Registration via www.SuperiorTire.com is required to obtain this “2,000 Hour
Warranty” coverage. This registration must be completed within thirty (30) days following the shipment of the Goods to Buyer.
Failure to provide complete and accurately filled Product Registration within thirty (30) days after purchase will void this “2,000 Hour
Warranty” warranty.
     B. Any fraudulent misrepresentation or false statement of fact provided in Product Registration will automatically void any
and all warranties, express or implied. The Seller may, at sole discretion of the Seller, investigate and/or request additional evidence
and/or information to validate provided information.
     C.Seller warrants to Buyer only, that Goods (or portions thereof manufactured by Seller) shall have an adequate
performance to perform under normal usage condition during its first two thousand (2,000) work hours of usage. Decision on the
inspection results and adequate performance determination are final and decided at sole discretion of the seller.
     D. Seller warrants to Buyer only, that Goods (or portions thereof manufactured by Seller) shall be free from defects in
materials and workmanship and be free from material failure (excluding normal material wear) which are identified to Seller in writing
within the one (1) year following the shipment of the Goods to Buyer, or within the usable work life of the goods, whichever comes
first (“Warranty period”), subject to the disclaimers and limitations of the Agreement. Absence of such written claims during this
Warranty period will constitute a waiver of all claims with respect to the Goods.
     E. Seller will not warrant Goods that show normal material wear including, but not limited to, scratching, chipping, or
tearing, unless there is evidence, determined by the Seller that this normal material wear prevents the Goods to have an adequate
performance to perform under normal usage condition during its first two thousand (2,000) work hour of usage.
     F. Seller retains the right to change the dimensions, composition, design, performance, color and appearance of the
Goods without liability if, in its judgment, the change is non material.
     G. Seller’s warranties shall apply only if the Goods: (i) have been installed, maintained, and used in conformity with
instructions and recommendations furnished by Seller from time to time, if any; (ii) have not been subjected to misuse, movement of
the structure, physical abuse, installation error, negligence or accident; and, (iii) have not been altered or repaired by persons other
than Seller in a manner, which, in the judgment of Seller, adversely affects the condition of the Goods. It is Buyer’s responsibility to
determine suitability of the Goods for Buyer’s use and Buyer assumes all risk and liability associated therewith.

2. Disclaimer and Limitation of Express Warranties.

There are no express warranties other than those contained in this Seller’s
Warranty Agreement or others Seller’s Warranty Agreements subsequently signed by Seller. Whether or not the Goods are to be
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warrant that it or the Goods are in compliance with any entity, organization or industry standards, guidelines, or procedures unless
specifically contained in the Agreement.

3. Remedy and Limitation of Seller’s Liability.
     A. Defective or non-conforming Goods or parts thereof discovered during the Warranty period shall be repaired or
replaced by Seller without any additional charge and shipped to Buyer, FOB Seller’s plant, for reinstallation by Buyer at its cost,
subject to the terms hereof. The warranty obligation of Seller is limited to the repair or replacement at Seller’s plant of any part of the
Goods which Buyer shall, within the Warranty period, return to Seller, with transportation charges prepaid by Buyer, and which
Seller determines to be not in conformity with the express warranties contained herein. If Seller elects, Seller may, upon return of
such Goods and making a determination of non conformity or defect, keep the Goods and refund the full or partial purchase price,
based on the pro rata basis as a percentage of the remaining work life. Buyer’s remedies shall be limited exclusively to those
provided in this section. Buyer waives any causes of action or theories of liability including, but not limited to, those arising under
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(“UCC”) as modified and limited herein. The replacement or repair of Goods by Seller does not give rise to any new warranty except
the Warranty period provided for herein shall be extended by the length of any period from the date the defective or non conforming
Goods are received by Seller until the date repaired or replacement Goods are delivered to Buyer.
     B.Buyer must contact Seller requesting warranty coverage plus a RMA form with a RMA number and other instructions
for the return of Goods to Seller or other instructions. The Seller may, at sole discretion of the Seller, request additional evidence
and/or information. Applicable credit will be issued toward existing account balance or future orders only, no cash refunds. Buyer
must comply with Seller’s return instructions (including return of the Goods) within sixty (60) days or the RMA form will be voided.
Returned products have to arrive at the Seller’s factory on later than thirty (30) days after Warranty period ends or the warranty
coverage shell be voided. Buyer is responsible for properly tagging, identifying, and packing returned Goods. Goods returned
without compliance with the above procedures shall be returned to the Buyer at Buyer’s cost. Decision on the inspection results and
all warranty treatment are final and decided at sole discretion of the seller.

4. Disclaimer of Implied Warranties.

SELLER DIS-CLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES (OTHER THAN GOOD TITLE) INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THOSE OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, MERCHANTABILITY, AND NONINFRINGEMENT. Seller does not warrant the Goods will comply with the requirements of any safety or environmental code or regulation of any federal, state, municipality or other jurisdiction beyond the specific express warranties in this Agreement.

Site Proven, Customer Perferred

“PRO SWEEP INC. installed this transition sleeve in our Tymco 435 sweeper in 2007 when it was brand new. This sleeve has 5,000 hrs of sweeping debris run thru it and is still in great condition. I have added these transition sleeves to all our tymco 435 sweepers and recommend them to anyone in the sweeping business .Please consider all of the superior products that they produce as a great cost savings to your operation.”

- Bruce Christianson, Operations Manager, Pro-Sweep Inc.

"After years of patching, welding and replacing the steel transition tubes in our vacuum sweepers we found the SWEEPERTHANE™  Transition Sleeves and they've led to the elimination of all this unproductive labor. We may never need to replace or repair our transition tubes again!"

- Carl Gardner, Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Tampa, FL