Precise Depth Control - to get the closest you can to where the seeds drop

Low Disturbance - prevents soil from being htrown out the furrow

Thin and Wide/Standard Options- to choose between a thinner wheel more so for drills, or a wider wheel for planters

Made of Polyurethane - to shed less mud when in use

Designed to Counter Close Compaction - due to the vertial tilt utilized on planters



Made primarily for drills as on planters the thinner wheels need moved closer to the row for compaction to occur.

Made primarily for planters as the thicker wheels dont need to be as close to compaction due to outer edge design.

Customized Tire and Wheel Solution Options:

Transfer our success and experience in AgriTraxx® Midrollers and every demanding tire & wheel applications to your trucks.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp offers complete services from design to manufacturing with multiple validation tests using both standard and proprietary test equipment. Our proprietary FEA model allows us to simulate the real usage condition of these undercarriage wheels, including the interaction among bogie & idler wheels, rubber tracks and operating environments. We offer specific polyurethane and rubber compounds designed for undercarriage wheel applications that are proven to provide both longer wheel and rubber track work life.

Our Engineering and Technical Consultant teams have engaged in close collaboration in every product life cycle phase with OEM engineers from the beginning of a new platform concept design, prototyping, full production release, field supports, aftermarket supports through the final end of life product redesign. This collaboration resulted in innovative designs, higher performance achievement, lower overall cost and highest satisfaction level from end-users.

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