SWEEPERTHANE™ Flight Squeegees

  • Longer Life Cycle & Reduced Downtime - Providing up to 4 times more wear-life than rubber squeegees.
  • Better Performance - With more consistent rigidity than rubber for better cleaning.
  • Immediate Availability - With sizes and designs for most popular trucks available in stock.


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Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. manufactures high-performance polyurethane or rubber - proven to provide extra durability to mechanical elevator assemblies and extra cushioning to increase street sweeper elevator chain life. They offer a longer life cycle and reduced downtime providing up to 4 times more wear-life than rubber squeegees. 


As an American manufacturer, we also offer immediate availability on our Sweeperthane™ Street Sweeper Wear Parts with sizes and designs for most popular street sweeper trucks available in stock. Our patented materials and designs have been imitated by every other producer, but never replicated - nothing compares to the original Sweeperthane™ product line! 

Site Prove, Customer Preferred

“I would like to say thank to everyone at Superior Tire and Rubber, with your Sweeperthane™ Flight Squeegees our company has cut the cost of operations for our trucks that sweep millings. The Sweeperthane™ Flight Squeegees last three times the life of our old rubber squeegees, we are able to pick up heavier debris at lower RPM's without the squeegee folding over under the load weight of millings. This has saved us from having to change floors in the elevators as well, when adjusted correctly and used correctly this product is Superior to the old style squeegees, thank you for thinking outside the box, I can't say enough about this product, you have a customer for life, the sweeper industry needs some new creative alternatives from the old school ways of thinking and your product is proof of such thinking. Thank You Again"

-  Frank, Garden State Sweeping

Switching to STR urethane flights is the best thing I've ever done, because; I no longer have to worry about worn out rubber flights causing damage to my conveyor floor pans. As long as we keep our chains adjusted properly and keep an eye on the floor plans for damage, the urethane flights are the least of my worries.

- Bill, Universal Building