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  • The American Made Roadliner Pad - Similar design that every other country uses, but slightly altered for better fitment.
  • High Durability AND High Traction - No sacrificing strength for grip or vice versa, we made sure both benefits were exceptional.
  • Immediate Availability - Domestically made = no overseas lead times. Guaranteed to ship within 72hrs of order placement. 
  • Available for Mini to Small Excavators - in 450mm & 500mm lengths

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Currently Available

CUSHOTRAC® ReDDiGrip track pads fit most any mini to small excavator accepting 450mm-500mm track shoes (18-20in). Below is a list of the most popular machines 

Excavator Models: CX75 | CX80 | CX130 

Excavator Models: 307 | 308| 314DLCR | 314CL

Excavator Models: DX80 | DX140LC | DX140LCR

Excavator Models:  PC78 | PC88

Excavator Models: 75 | 80 | 135

Excavator Models: KX100-3 | KX100-5 | KX120-3 | KX120-5

Excavator Models: PC78 | PC88

Excavator Models:   SY75

Other CUSHOTRAC® Options:

For if the ReDDiGrip isnt quite right...


All purpose, super durable polyurethane Bolt On Track Pad for excavators up to 80,000lbs.


Made for heavy duty applications for all style grousers. Available in 6"- 40" lengths for crawler cranes, drill rigs, & cable layers.


Available for any steel tracked machine with up to 40" steel shoes.


Quickest solution for surface protection is required or recommended. Quickest and easiest install.

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