Fiberglass Chopper Products face multiple challenges based on each chopper designs. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp engineers have been working closely with fiberglass manufacturer’s process engineers and fiberglass chopper machine manufacturer’s designers. To find the best solution, we start our work from comprehensive meeting among multiple personnel who have direct experience in fiberglass chopping business to gain initial plan for field visits and experimentations. Our field visits and field experimentations allow us to gain real insights and collaboration from customer’s engineers. This visit will allow us to choose and create the best simulation and test method to validate our design proposes. After these validation processes to minimize any unintended result have been passed, we provide a prototype that has lower chance of jeopardize customer downtime during testing. In the end, our fully automated polyurethane mixing machine will allow us to provide high quality products that have a consistent and an exact performance as the best tested prototype.

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