Heavy Durt Steel Construction Solid casting without welds and heavy duty kingpin-less swivel mechanism

Convenient Greasability Greassing moving parts is critical to prolonging work-life. With conveniently located greses fittings, basic maintenance is even easier

Longer Wheel Woek-Life from a Large Load Wheel By usnig a large 6" OD wheel with the toughest polyurethane compounds available, and a 3"wide cross section provides extreme durability and optimal quality

Consistently Smooth Swicel Specially designed with a hardened steel bearing race uses rubber O-rings to lock out moisture and debris, and lock in grease

Sealed Bearings & String Guards Preventing debris from binding up in the load wheeeks while maintaning internal lubrication

Zero Fasteners Factory assembled with no fasteners to eliminate the burden of nut & bolt weakness


• Rust Proof Zinc Plating

Greasable Wheel Axle

8" Standard Height

Available for: STR4163 & STR 4164

• String Guard comes standard

• Optional maintenance - free sealed wheel bearings

• Optional wheel compounds: Cushothane® & Cushothane® XL™

Superior Select - Rigid Casters

Ships Same or Next Business Day

Primary OEM and Part #

Weight | Superior Item #

Crown® - 310260

-,--- lb |STR4163


Primary OEM and Part #

Weight | Superior Item #

Raymond® - 2832879

-,--- lb |STR4163

Primary OEM and Part #

Weight | Superior Item #

UniCarriers® - 43380-FS400

-,--- lb | STR4163

UniCarriers® - 43380-FS401

-,--- lb | STR4163

Tripple Wheel Assembly

  • Designed to reduce coning &skidding effect in cornering
  • Longer wear-life and highermaneuverability
  • Heavy load capacity and dutycycle
  • Matched wheel O.D. at lessthan 0.005” run-out
  • Reduces chance of flat-spottingfrom wheel locking by debris  



Optional tread feature for all Cushothane® press-on tires with TSW tread style and an O.D. up to 16” - offering 0.015” total indicated run-out, more stability & cooler operating temperatures.
Available Tread Styles
Drive Tires

SSW (Straight Side Wall) - Heavy load design
SF (Smooth Flat) - General Usage applications
TSW (Tapered Side Wall) - Heavy load design
FT (Flat Tread) - High reach applications

Steer Tires
TSW (Tapered Side Wall) - Heavy load capacity, low rolling resistance and high stability
SC (Smooth Crown) - High maneuverability and high cornering stability

Caster Model's

Model STR4163

Assemblies Height (in) – 8

Turning Radius (in) – 4.684

Cantered or Offset Swivel – Centered

Load Wheel Size (in) – 6 x 3

Base Plate Size (in) – 4.5 x 6.25

Slots or Holes – Holes

Site Prove, Customer Preferred

I was experiencing repeat bond failures at one of my customers - a large food distribution center. I had tried many different products and found nothing would meet my customer’s work-life expectations. Superior Tire took the time to meet with my customer and identify a solution - the Cushothane® XL™ compound. Since using the Cushothane® XL™, my customer has been extremely happy. They no longer have to spend extra time and money on maintenance and new wheels from premature bond failures. They were so impressed with the work-life that I have now made this the “compound of choice” at other customer locations. With the Cushothane® XL™, I know that my customers are guaranteed to have no bond failures."

-Tommy Bush, Maintenance Supervisor - TruPar

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