• Flexing Instead of Breaking - Enjoy a significantly longer work life from the flexibility of polyurethane; where steel would be bent or damaged from impact.
  • OEM Replacement - For popular mechanical broom style sweepers - direct OE spec and drop in ready.
  • Non-Damaging to Road Surface While Providing Highest Abrasion Resistance - From high performance polyurethane that’s formulated to have better resistance against sliding abrasion.


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Superior Tire and Rubber Corp.uses polyurethane in SWEEPERTHANE™ Drag Shoes for Street Sweepers, providing up to 86% higher wear resistance greater than rubber compounds used in premium rubber drag shoes. Polyurethane is flexible, preventing bending and damage to road surfaces. We provide original equipment manufacturer, OEM, replacements parts for popular mechanical broom style sweepers.


As a “Made in the USA” manufacturer, we also offer almost every truck component's immediate availability. Our patented materials and designs have been imitated by every other producer, but never replicated - nothing compares to the original SWEEPERTHANE™ product line!

Sweeperthane™ Abrasion Test:

Polyurethane used in SWEEPERTHANE™ Drag Shoes provides up to 86% higher wear resistance than rubber compounds used in premium rubber drag shoes.

**Tested with ASTM D5963/ISO 4649 standard.

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