• High Heat Resistance - Fresh asphalt is hot, but our priprietary material is resistant to temperatures far above 300 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent warping.
  • High Impact Resistance - No matter how many times the pintle hook on a dump truck slams into it, APS Hopper Flashing always bounces back unscathed. 
  • High Material Memory - which allows the APS™  Hooper Flashing to return to its original shape, every time.


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The standard OE flashing is a thermoplastic material known as an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyurethane, also known as UHMWPE, and these thermoplastics can be melted and re-shaped with just a little heat. As dump tuck's pour fresh asphalt, the UHMWPE flashing material softens and reforms into a new warped shape that can no longer do its job. Superior Tire and Rubber Corp. offers a solution to this problem; the APS™ Hooper Flashing. In a test of flashing material, (UHMWPE vs APS™,) APS™ performing almost 4 times better.


The APS™ Hooper Flashing is heat resistant, the proprietary patent pending material resistant to temperatures far above that of fresh asphalt. This same material allows it to always keep its shape, as well as resist the abuse casued by pintle hook impact. Available pre-cut to OE spec, or can be ordered as a "sheet" to cut and size on your own.

Modulus vs. Temperature Comparison:

The UHMWPE softening point is around 176-212° F, but fresh asphalt operating temperature is about 275° F. The APS™ Hooper Flashing material doesn’t necessarily have a softening point, it can handle temperatures well over fresh asphalt with little to no effect.

Flexural Testing Comparison

The APS™ performed almost 4X Better than UHMWPE.

Flexural Testing of 4 samples of each flashing material (UHMWPE vs APS™) concluded that UHMWPE material began to permanently deform at an average 4802psi of pressure, versus APS™ at an average of 15,106psi.

Available For:

Asphalt Paver Model: CP100

Asphalt Paver Models: AP555 | AP600 | AP1000 | AP1055

Asphalt Paver Model: 8500

Asphalt Paver Model: RP185 | RP195

*All manufactuer names, numbers, and symbols arefor reference only.

Assembly Options:

APS Hooper Options:

The APS™ Hooper Flashing can be ordered pre-cut to OE spec or simply as a "sheet" to cut and size on your own.

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Site Proven, Customer Preferred

“IA Construction was approached by Superior Tire in the Spring of 2018 with a patent pending material for our Hopper Flashing systems. Maintenance on hopper flashings have always been a time consuming, costly expense during the paving season. These maintenance tasks were no longer needed due to the new & improved “Flashings” from Superior Tire, saving us thousands of dollars and held up very well from the abuse from trucks and the hot asphalt. We’ll continue to use Superior Tire’s Flashings on all our paver units in the future."

-Dave Bush, Maintenance Manager - AI Construction Corp.