Street Sweeper Wear Parts

Street Sweeper Wear Parts

For decades, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp has been improving the work-life of Street Sweeper wear parts in a market where other producers are making cheaper products with a much faster replacement cycle to gain more sales. Our extensive efforts have resulted in our ultra-high performance SWEEPERTHANE™ products that have multiple benefits and variations, including;

  • Flexing instead of breaking or bending – enjoy significant longer worklife from flexibility of proprietary polyurethane and high performance rubber that the steel would be chip off or bended from debris impact.
  • Highest abrasion resistance – High performance polyurethane that formulated to have better resistant to both sliding and impingement abrasion. Our proprietary rubber compound also provide higher abrasion resistance than others rubber compound products.
  • Lower replacement parts cost – replace only the more cost effective SWEEPERTHANE™ instead of paying more and more often with original steel wear parts and other expensive truck parts.
  • No surprise repair cost to worry – flexible polyurethane and rubber Drag shoe would not create spark and not damage road surface, curb and other road & parking obstacles.
  • Immediate availability – With sizes and designs for most popular trucks available in stock.
  • Highest quality – Made in USA with quality management registered to ISO9001.
  • Patented design – resulted from our passionate works.
  • Half a century in experience – leverage both engineering design and chemistry expertise beyond any competitors in the market

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