Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. Simplifies Stabilizer Caster Adjustment

Warren, PA - Superior Tire & Rubber Corp., a leader in the design and manufacturing of material handlingcomponents, has recently introduced their new STR5200 Series Stabilizer Caster for electric pallet trucks. For manyyears, the process of adjusting a stabilizer caster was so cumbersome that it was almost never practiced. However,in more recent years the market has had a need for more efficient and higher performance truck. Manufacturersbegan engineering more advanced trucks: faster trucks with higher maneuverability allowing for a greater number ofruns per day/shift. Unfortunately, without proper caster adjustment, these benefits would be lost, rendering these newand expensive trucks ultimately no better than their older predecessors. From this perspective, Superior Tire &Rubber Corp. challenged their engineers to design a caster with much simpler adjustment ability – and theydeveloped the STR5200 Series caster.

“We designed the STR5200 Series Stabilizer Caster to provide the easiest height adjustment from the side of thetruck without ever having to lift the truck” said Tim Rowles, Technical Service Manager at Superior Tire & RubberCorp. Accessible by socket wrench, a unique linear tread adjusting mechanism could be loosened or tightened toalter the height of the caster to accommodate for drive tire wear or caster wheel wear. A patented polyurethanespring mechanism (PolyBlock™) aided in keeping a consistent spring rate throughout the life of the caster. Areinforced impact skid-plate design was added to not only protect the adjustment mechanism, but also to preventimpact damage from breaking the caster. Furthermore, the side-plates were thickened and the wheel axle wasupgraded to a 20mm full shoulder bolt.

In addition to the STR5200 Series Caster that is a drop-in replacement for rider pallet truck units, Superior Tire &Rubber Corp. also developed the STR5400 Series caster, an even heavier duty side adjustable caster, as well as theSTR5500, a heavy duty top-of-the-deck adjustable caster made for specific models of rider pallet trucks. All of thesenewly designed casters were designed with the easiest height adjustability, independent of the spring rate to offer thesame optimum performance throughout the life of the caster.


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