Casters for electric pallet jacks – The benefits of proper caster height adjustment

Casters for electric pallet jacks are designed to increase truck productivity by counteracting roll movement especially during cornering, preventing truck payloads or even the operator from falling. In walkie or walk behind electric pallet jacks, casters are an alternative to simple skid plates that normally damage the floor and hinder truck movement. Proper caster adjustment in Walkie Pallet Jacks minimizes turning torque or steering force and provides higher load stability. In Rider Pallet Jacks, the casters help increase truck stability, allowing the operator to maneuver the truck with higher speed and confidence. This helps increase truck productivity and safety levels. However, after significant truck operation, the casters need proper adjustment. This is due to many factors such as drive tire wear, the creeping effect of caster springs, etc. Without proper adjustment, not only the caster performance, but also the truck performance will drastically drop. Potential performance deterioration includes truck stability, truck bouncing effect, steering force, braking distance, tire wear performance, battery drainage, tire traction, and more. Different caster designs have different adjustment methods and difficulty levels.

Join Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. at ProMAT 2013, booth #465 in Chicago, IL from Jan. 21st to the 24th to discuss everything about casters with our technical experts and explore our newest caster designs.

For more information about caster height adjustment – please join our seminar “Casters for Electric Pallet Jacks…” presented by our Technical Services Manager, Timothy Rowles at ProMAT 2013, Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, Theater C at 1:30 pm.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp’s STR5500 Series Top Adjustable caster as positioned under the operator platform in the end-rider electric pallet jack.


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