The Long Empty Run Specialist

Cushothane® XL-AC™

• Some operations require the truck to run without cargo over a long distance at high speeds.

Major issues
• Some CL-I and CL-II trucks are designed with a counterbalance weight located on top of the steer (CL-I) or drive (CL-II) tires. Without cargo (empty truck) to redistribute this weight, the counterbalance mass is carried directly by the drive tire.
• If a truck is empty or has a long distance to travel it will operate at a much higher speed.
• A combination of heavy load and high speed causes the compound to heat up. The long operating distancepushes the tire to run continuously without time to cool down – eventually melting the polyurethane.

• Use a high dynamic compound (low rolling resistance) that won’t generate heat beyond the melting point of the compound.
• Cushothane® XL-AC for CL-I steer or CL-II drive tires.

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It’s possible to overload a tire by operating a truck with no load?
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