Mechanical Street Sweeper Wear Parts

• Lower replacement Cost

• Impact Damage Resistant

• Highest Abrasion Resistance and Longest Wear Life

• Increased Performance & Efficiency

• Half a Century of Industry Experience



Flexing Instead of Breaking - Enjoy a significantly longer work life from the flexibility of polyurethane where steel would be bent or damaged from impact.

OEM Replacement - For popular mechanical broom style sweepers.

Non Damaging to Road Surface While providinghighest abrasion resistance - From high performance polyurethane that’s formulated to have better resistance against sliding abrasion.

Abrasion Test

**Tested with ASTM D5963 / ISO 4649 standard. Polyurethane used in Sweeperthane™ Drag Shoes provides up to 86% higher wear resistance than rubber compounds used in premium rubber drag shoes.

SWEEPERTHANE™ Sprockets & Idlers

Manufactured from high performance polyurethane or rubber - proven to provide extra durability to mechanical elevator assemblies and extra cushioning to increase the life of street sweeper elevator chains.

SWEEPERTHANE™ Flight Squeegees

Longer Life Cycle & Reduced Downtime - Providing up to 4 times more wear-life than rubber squeegees.

Better Performance - With more consistent rigidity than rubber for better cleaning.

Immediate Availability - With sizes and designs for most popular trucks available in stock


“Switching to STR urethane flights is the best thing I’ve ever done, because: I no longer have to worry about worn out rubber flights causing damage to my conveyor floor pans. As long as we keep our chains adjusted properly and keep an eye on the floor pans for damage, the urethane flights are the least of my worries”
– Bill, Universal Building


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It’s possible to overload a tire by operating a truck with no load?
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