Press Fit Wheel Complete Assemblies

A complete tire & wheel assembly consisting of a press-on tire pressed onto the wheel hub. Beneficial to those who need to replace both the tire and wheel hub, but still want to reuse the wheel hub after the new tire has worn down. We recommend replacing the wheel hub after *3 professional wheel pressings to ensure optimal tire performance.

- Available in Cushothane® EZ™, Cushothane® XL™, Cushothane® XL-AC™, Cushothane® XL-AcS™, and Cushothane® ULTRA-ES™ compounds

- Saves time and money on sourcing individual Press-On tires and Wheel Hubs

- Eliminates the need to press the tire to the wheel hub- Reusable wheel hub for future Press-On Tires 

*Recommendation only. Any misalignment in the pressing process causes permanent damage to the wheel hub and can lead to early tire failure, unsafe equipment operation, and equipment damage. Please refer to your equipment’s manufacturer recommendations.



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