The Higher Performance - Lower Maintenance Solid Rubber Industrial Tire

Softer Ride, Less Equipment Wear and Operator Fatigue - due to a larger footprint design

Eliminates Rim Slippage and Reduces Assembly Cost & Downtime - from the integral one-piece tire and wheel design; no tire press required

Increased Traction and Carrying Capacity - from the 100% premium tread compound, unlike other solid tires that use urethane foam and other fillers.

Longer, Consistent Work Life and Greater Chunk Resistance - from the 100% premium tread compound, unlike other solid tires that use urethane foam and other fillers.

Popular Skid-Steer Make & Model Cross Reference

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*All manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer.

Factory-Customized Bolt Pattern

To provide the perfect installation, we offer both OEM bolt patterns and customized bolt patterns. In addition to size, the truck version or bolt pattern information is required to ensure the best fit.

Available Tread Styles

Lugged Tread
• Provides a softer, more cushioned ride on rougher surfaces
Smooth Tread
• Provides increased traction on smooth surfaces due to a larger surface contact area
Wheel-less Style
Same Cushomatic™, but without the steel hub. Designed to replace a pneumatic tire in an existing pneumatic rim.

Tire Size
4.00-8 16 4.0 3.75 8.0
5.00-8 18 4.5 4.00 8.0
6.00-9 21 6.0 5.00 9.0
7.00-12 26 7.0 5.00 12.0
7.50-10 25 7.0 5.00 10.0

CUSHOMATIC™ Applications
• Waste Transfer Stations
• Recycling Plants
• Scrap Yards
• Steel & Lumber Mills
• Forestry
• Construction & Highway
• Earth Removal, Mining & Landscaping
• Skid-Steer & Forklift Applications
• All Weather Conditions

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Did You Know?
It’s possible to overload a tire by operating a truck with no load?
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