STR5200 Series Stabilizer Caster
The easiest height adjustable caster available

Engineered as a drop-in replacement for all OEMs, the STR Stabilizer Caster™ - with patented PolyBlock™ technology - eliminates the use of unreliable metal springs, yet provides greater stability in cornering, smoother ride and higher productivity.

Easiest height adjustable from the side of the truck

No truck lifting required – Simply use a typical wrench to adjust the caster height right under the skirt of the truck.

Fastest height adjusting

With fine linear tread adjusting mechanism – achieves perfect height with simple turn of the wrench without crouching under the truck to find a difficult coarse adjustment bolts in other designs. Additionally, the spring rate of the caster will be maintained at pre-set matched rate to truck manufacturer design disregarding any height for optimum performance.

Greater Cornering stability and comfort

Patented PolyBlockTM technology provides dampening effect which  creates less oscillation and rocking effect compared to a spring caster.

Heavy Duty Construction

Constructed of thicker 5/16” side-plate and ductile solid steel housing with no welding to minimize weak spot.

Withstand the toughest bump

With larger 4” high performance polyurethane wheel with oversize 20 mm greasable axle. All bolts were designed with full shoulder, no exposed thread to any moving parts, to prevent bolt severed at thread location.

Protected against frontal impact

From reinforced impact skid plate that extended out to cover height adjustament mechanism.


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