Complete Assemblies

With complete machining and assembling capabilities, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. offers full assembly services that provide customers unique process optimization opportunities, lowest overall cost, lowest number of inventory SKUs and the opportunity to gain higher finished quality products.

Dedicated assembly cells with automated or semi-automated final quality test machines ensure the finest quality products. One example is our caster deflection machine that checks both the spring deflection curve (measuring force and displacement) and the rigidity of the caster structure.



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Did You Know?
It’s possible to overload a tire by operating a truck with no load?
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“As vendor of choice, we provide technical excellence to give our customers a competitive advantage.”
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Technical Excellence and Design Service
With comprehensive experience gained for over a half century...
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As we passionately work with our customers, we provide...
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Testing Facility
We have extensive capabilities for compound analysis and development, static ASTM more